Polystyrene Beads Beanbag Filling

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Polystyrene Beads Beanbag Filling

Whether you just need a top up, or a complete bean bag filling up, we have it all. Brand new and fire retardant , these beads are available in a variety of 10 different Size bags.


- Fire Retardant Polystyrene beads (Virgin Beads)

- Beads range in diameter of approx 3 – 9 mm

N.B These are loose beads, netting/stocking can be purchased separately

Any questions? Please ask.

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Bag Size 0.5 cu Foot, 1 cu Foot, 2 cu Foot, 2.5 cu Foot, 3 cu Foot, 4 cu Foot, 5 cu Foot, 6 cu Foot, 7 cu Foot, 8 cu Foot, 9 cu Foot, 10 cu Foot

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