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If you are looking for that extra protection against beads spillage, then we have the answer for you. This beanbag netting is available in two stretch widths, normal width and the mattress width. Both these widths are available in different lengths. Bean Bag Stocking Netting Liner. Two Width Sizes Available. Bag for filling Polystyrene Beads in Bean bags. Extremely flexible and stretchy. It molds itself to the inside of your bean bag Available in different Lengths: Please use the drop down menu to select the length required. The width will depend on the type of netting selected from the drop down menu (see above). If you select a quantity of, e.g 2 , we will send you 2 pieces of the selected netting Size N.B Beads need to be purchased separately INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Tie one end of the netting and then pour the beads inside and then tie the other end to contain the beads (AS IN THE PICTURE). PLEASE BE AWARE, IF YOU PULL THE ENDS OF THE NETTING, IT WILL START TO TEAR/'LADDER'. CARE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN AS EDGES ARE DELICATE. Any questions? Please ask.

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Netting Width Normal 1.8m Wide, Mattress 2.2m Wide
Length 1 m Length, 2 m Length, 3 m Length, 4 m Length, 5 m Length, 6 m Length, 7 m Length, 8 m Length, 9 m Length, 10 m Length , 15 m Length, 20 m Length, 30 m Length

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Vendor: kareena-store

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